Biographical Information| Kerwin Naval Architects

Registered Professional Engineer/Naval Architect in Florida and Louisiana

Kevin M. Kerwin, President and Chief Naval Architect.

Kevin has been a practicing naval architect since 1978. He was educated at the University of Michigan, with additional coursework and seminars afterward. His experience includes preliminary and detail design of nuclear attack submarines, destroyers, cruisers, assault carriers, oilfield supply boats, tugboats, car ferries, an ice-breaking factory fishing trawler, aluminum and fiberglass Surface Effect Ship catamarans, the USCG 47’ Motor Lifeboat, LCAC hovercraft, large motoryachts, sailing yachts, and cargo landing craft. He has been president of Kerwin Naval Architects since 1997, performing refit and new construction engineering for clients worldwide. He is a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Society of Boat and Yacht Designers, American College of Forensic Examiners, and the Superyacht Society. Kevin speaks and readsEnglish and some French.

Harry Warticovschi, Senior Consulting Naval Architect.

Harry has been a practicing naval architect since 1990. He was educated at the University of New Orleans and has a B.S. in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. He has worked in commercial vessels including ferries, life boats, casino barges, riverboats, and supply vessels, prior to coming to Florida. In Florida he worked for Tom Fexas Yacht Design on such projects as M.Y. Souvenir ( 87′ motoryacht ), M.Y. Sandbill ( 58′ sportfish ), and other notable projects, prior to working for KNA from 2001-2004. He is now a composite structures specialist and is a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Harry speaks fluent Spanish and English.

Scott Shelton - Extensive commercial and yacht captain

Scott Shelton-Extensive experience as a commercial and yacht captain worldwide and performing design of systems, project management, and oversight of USCG Certificate of Inspection conversions. Scott is a graduate of the California Maritime Academy and holds numerous additional certificates in marine electrical and electronics, marine operations specialties, and vendor training courses.

Adam Koolman and Bill Coxon

Adam Koolman and Bill Coxon-both have extensive experience in 3D computer-aided design of yachts and tooling. As a team, Adam and Bill Coxon won in the top 5 places in the 2010 Showboats Design Awards Young Designer of the Year competition sponsored by Lurssen Yachts. They are graduates of the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale in Marine Industrial Design and where each one of Mr. Kerwin’s best students.